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Bono and The Edge at NOLA Dome Sept 14, 2017

A Live Conversation Between Bono and The Edge at NOLA Superdome Sept 14, 2017

At end of Ultraviolet (Light My Way), Bono highlighted the ONE campaign, appreciation of the best of America, and then led into recognition of The Edge and Music Rising.

Bono (on tree stage, Edge on main stage):

“Ah, well… Tonight here in new Orleans we have a local hero. And if you’ll indulge me, this local hero happens to be in our band and his name is The Edge, and he is right there. (Applauds)

Some of you might know, but after Katrina, he couldn’t bear to live with the idea of you people without your musical instruments, without your rhythms, so he set up Music Rising to bring those musical instruments back to the city just as the floods were leaving. That man there. Our local hero. (Applauds)

Now he’s doing the same in Texas and Florida, working on that. Is that right, The Edge?”

Pasadena Independent School District Testimonial

Pasadena Texas Independent School District

As we continue to raise donations to help replace the instruments lost in schools affected by the devastation of the recent hurricanes, we are pleased to share this note of gratitude from Linda Fletcher, Director of Fine Arts, Pasadena ISD in Texas.

“There have been many tears shed over the past month as a result of Harvey, but none more welcome and beautiful than those each time I read an email from Music Rising helping our students get music instruments back in their lives after Harvey’s devastation. Now, more than ever, they need their instrument and Music Rising has made that possible for over 50 of our students.  On behalf of the Pasadena Independent School District, our amazing band and orchestra directors and our precious students, please let me express our unspeakable gratitude for the generosity of Music Rising.

As a suburban district, we are often overlooked as one that serves a community of hard working families who even before the storm often struggled to make ends meet, much less find the financial means to allow their children to participate in the Fine Arts, particularly band and orchestra where obtaining a musical instrument can be daunting.  Pasadena ISD, its administration and school board all believe that the Arts, and music in particular, are important building blocks in overall education.  PISD is now in our 11th year as one of the Best Communities for Music Education and a large part of that is the tremendous financial investment PISD has made in making instruments available to students from every financial situation.  Our annual rental policy is only $30.00 per year and when that is not feasible, we make arrangements to underwrite their rentals.  The rental fees go solely toward repair and maintenance of the instruments and purchasing additional instruments when possible.  After teaching elementary music and Intermediate & High School choir for 30 years in PISD, I have been blessed to serve as the Director of Fine Arts for the past 12 years.  Our Fine Arts faculty now consists of 299 teachers and directors serving over 90% of our student population in K-12.  

We are blessed to have been directed to you during this time of need. Words are often incapable of expressing our true feelings but in His wisdom, God gave us music.  Thank you for helping us keep the music playing in our schools!

Linda Fletcher
Director of Fine Arts
Pasadena ISD
Pasadena, TX  77502″