Bono and The Edge at NOLA Dome Sept 14, 2017

A Live Conversation Between Bono and The Edge at NOLA Superdome Sept 14, 2017

At end of Ultraviolet (Light My Way), Bono highlighted the ONE campaign, appreciation of the best of America, and then led into recognition of The Edge and Music Rising.

Bono (on tree stage, Edge on main stage):

“Ah, well… Tonight here in new Orleans we have a local hero. And if you’ll indulge me, this local hero happens to be in our band and his name is The Edge, and he is right there. (Applauds)

Some of you might know, but after Katrina, he couldn’t bear to live with the idea of you people without your musical instruments, without your rhythms, so he set up Music Rising to bring those musical instruments back to the city just as the floods were leaving. That man there. Our local hero. (Applauds)

Now he’s doing the same in Texas and Florida, working on that. Is that right, The Edge?”

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